Thursday, January 27, 2011

Promises of God we can count on

The sermon this past Sunday was all about the promises of God. I'll just condense it a little but you will get the message.
God is a promise making God, He gives us blessings, peace, joy, goodness, forgiveness in Jesus, and eternal life.
God keeps every promise
God wants us to test His promises
Gods promises are actuated by patience and faith.
God is always with me
God is always in control
God is always good
God is always watching out for us
God is always victorious
We can win with God on our side!!!!
Heres a few scriptures to help you along.
Psalm 118: 6-7
Romans 8:31
Romans 16:20
1 John 4:4
Philippians 4:13


Glenda said...

Your hope-filled words remind me of a favorite old hymn, "Standing on the promises that cannot fail . . . " Thanks for these powerful reminders!

Mari said...

Great words on God's promises!

Connie said...

What would our life be without the knowledge of the things God promises us? The most important one - eternal life. Good post.

Brenda said...

Great timing.
That's what I've been standing on these past few days when Satan has tried to bring in condemnation, doubt and fear in my life thru circumstances we've been going thru.
His promises are sure!