Friday, December 10, 2010

Ambassadors For Jesus

Birds of a feather flock together" didn't seem to be true for Jesus, but I know it's been true for me. I have tended to befriend those like myself. I naturally gravitate toward women who look like me, think like me and worship like me
But Jesus often calls us beyond our natural inclinations into the realm of the supernatural. In His counter-cultural world, Jesus calls us to love our enemies. He commands us to bless the poor. He invites us to love the seemingly unlovable
I've been examining the way I have responded lately, the thoughts I've had and some of my actions are at complete opposite poles of what Jesus has taught us.
Makes me think of that verse in Romans when Paul is talking about his sinful nature that seems to crop up time and time again only pointing to the fact that only through Jesus can God forgive us.

Romans 7 :15 "For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate".

I have to keep in mind that I am a representative of Jesus therefore my actions, the responses I make, the words I say, and in general the way I live my life in public and private need to reflect my Lord.  I read this little story somewhere just lately and its a good way to remember we are ambassadors for the Lord in everything we do including driving.

Turn signals on cars are used to indicate which direction you are intending to travel. As Christians traveling on this "road of life", our "signals" are the way we believe, think, talk, react, and behave. For someone following us or watching us, our "signals" are clear indicators of the direction we are intending to go....Glory land! If there are no other people on our "stretch of road" at the time, do we not display our Christian beliefs, thought processes, speech, attitudes, or our behavior simply because we see no one is watching or following? I am not being critical of you or your situation, nor am I judging you. This came to me as a way for ME to remember to use my turn signal on my vehicle, regardless of whether I am on the interstate, my little small town road, turning into my driveway etc. Now, every time I intend to change lanes or directions, I think about the importance of signals....they display our intentions to others on the road....and Someone is always watching!...


Mari said...

Wow! I'm thinking God is sending me a message. I just read this same turn signal story on another blog. You are right - someone is always watching and I better use my turn signals!

Shelly said...

That was really great! What a way to describe on how we should be. Everyone is watching in one way or another. Sometimes the signals click on last minute too.

Susan said...

Another great post. I always look forward to your words of wisdom.

About 30 years ago (as I write that it SHOCKS me how time flies!!) we became so aware that everyone we associated with was pretty much "just like us". Same life styles, same economic background, same values, same beliefs, etc. etc. and we have tried, sometimes better than others!, to get out of our comfort box and truly REACH OUT to others not like us.

Yes, we seem to have to fight not to settle down in that very comfortable place.

Thanks for the anology about the turn signals. I am very good at using them and now I pray they will become that constant reminder of YES we are so often the only Bible someone will hear or see and that yes, SOMEONE is always watching us: our words, our lifestyle, our actions.