Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad,Bad Blogger

Holy bad blogger that I am, its been a busy summer and I for one have been out there enjoying every hot minute of it!!!
This has been one of the best, my kind of summers we have had in a long time. Yes, I like the hot and the humid weather. Its so good for your skin, the humidity that is~~~ it does cause that constant glow, glisten, OK sweat!!! Non the less, if you like to be outside, do the outside summer things this has been the summer to do it. Of course I live near the water so that does help, we have an almost constant breeze that helps to cool the glisten off the body.
We have spent several evenings down by the water front, indulging in a dip or two of our favorite ice cream, walking the pier, watching people, there has been several weddings taking place on the beach and its fun to watch the set up of each event. And then there's the motorcycle evenings with a group of Gold Wingers gathering to enjoy a ride through country roads and ending up eating dinner at a different location each ride. Fun way to find new restaurants and to gain unwanted pounds~~~sigh, all worth it mind you....
I've been shopping with daughter # 2, and finding great bargains at the local thrift stores. Just the other day we each spent $20.00, got several outfits each and not one item cost over $3.00. We always have a ton of laughs no matter what were doing.
We've been blueberry picking and pie making, eating corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes, summer gardens are the best!!!! Producing the best ingredients for cool summer salads, my favorite foods for sure!!
We've been to a surprise birthday party, (my baby brother turned 50 this year) can't believe it, grilling out, painting and cleaning my Dad's house, lawn mowing, drinking ice tea, ice water by the gallon, and gator aide.
We've taken a trip to the UP in the sports car, and of course I have to find time run a dust cloth across the furniture and find the vacuum occasionally and laundry. Oh, ya then there's the job, I still have to work and Sweetman buys and sells. So he's up early every day running to garage sales and then selling the treasured finds at the local flea market. Ya, busy summer indeed!!!
Lately I've noticed the sun is rising later and setting earlier, I hate to see it end, the summer that is.. my flower garden is beginning to look a little scraggly too, but its been a good one for me and I'm ever grateful to the Lord for every one of the blessings He has given to me and my family. Each and every day is special, life is good, but my blogging is very bad.


Mari said...

It's been a wonderful summer! For the farmers it's been one of the best on record. For me - a little hot, but I try not to complain because I know winter is coming and I much prefer this to the white stuff!

Aspiemom said...

Since it's been so hot and humid, I'm sure you've been one happy camper. Living near the water is definitely a plus!

Cathy said...

Don't worry about the blogging, Dear. Just enjoy the summer. I'm so glad you are having fun. That is wonderful. We don't even want to think about that winter that is coming do we. Blessings ~

Glenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer - busy, busy but fun!! And when it's icy and oh-so-cold the memories you've made will warm your heart!!

Glenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer - busy, busy but fun!! And when it's icy and oh-so-cold the memories you've made will warm your heart!!

Oh Sew Good said...

I don't think you're a bad blogger. I just think you've having a lot of fun, storing up stories to write over the winter and living Summer the way it was meant to live.

Cherdecor said...

Here is PA, we have had one of the worst summers since we moved here eleven years ago. We had a week of temps over 100 and it killed every bit of grass we had.

Also, since Alan had surgery, we were not able to take care of the flowers like we have in the past.
Now everything looks really bad.

A couple of weeks, we had black mold that covered the grass and when I walked out to water, I had black mold all over my feet, legs and shoes.

I worked outside this morning and filled three barrels of clippings. The temperatures were in the '60's so that was WONDERFUL!

Hopefully, next summer will be more normal and we can do it again.
Plant, mow, fertilize, throw away, plant, mow, fertilize, throw away, etc. =)

I am glad that Michigan had a wonderful summer. Maybe we all should move up there! Wait! you do have snow in the winter, right?
Naw! I think we will stay here. LOL!

Mariel said...

bad blogging ususally means good life! well, slow blogging usually means you are living life...and in the summer it is sweet to savor the days!

Shelly said...

Sounds like you are having a great summer Nanc! Enjoyed reading your blog. I love the storys that you tell.

Anonymous said...

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