Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little old Aunts are so precious!!!

Yes, it has been busy this time of year, graduations to attend, open houses, picnics, and speaking of picnics some of you know my absolutely adorable Aunt from California is here to visit with us, her nieces and nephews, great nieces, nephews, old friends and some young family members just over a year old. While here she celebrated her 90th birthday so we had a picnic, open house gathering for family and friends. Here you see the guest of honor (the oldest) arriving with the youngest (a great great nephew)for the event.

She married late in life and never had children of her own but has been a mentor, Sunday school teacher, and all around fantastic lady all her life. The Lord truly placed her in this family so she could be an example to us all. I only hope I can somewhat manage to walk in a few of her footsteps.
We had a family picnic first with just about all the family in attendance. It took quite a bit of planning to get all the food prepared and decorations and many prayers for good weather. I must say my sister and sister-in-law did a fantastic job remembering to bring just about
everything but the kitchen sink.
She touched so many people in her life time, and the friends
started showing up early before we had the food put away.
So we invited them to eat as well, we had planned for just
cake and coffee for the friendship part of it. But when
people came we said dig in and they did. It was amazing
because she had probably 50-60 people and we never ran
out of food.
I think the Lord kept the dishes full, kinda like the fishes and the loaves.
She really enjoyed visiting with so many people she hasn't seen in years and has a fathomable memory. She recognized all of them but I did hear several times "you used to have brown hair" spoken. Proverbs 16:31 "A gray head is a crown of glory, it is found in the way of righteousness". She has walked with the Lord all her life and He has truly blessed her and the people she has encountered.

Her appetite is great and even though she had many interruptions while eating she did finish this plate of food.

She is the last of five siblings and listening to the stories she has to tell is like stepping back in time. Thankfully she has kept a record of family genealogy and so much her memory is preserved for future generations to read about.

She requested to have carrot cake and on the top were pictures of her past, all edible. It was a day we all enjoyed

She will be here for a few more weeks and we have many others things planned to do, before she returns to her now home in California.Posted by Picasa


Mari said...

I'm so glad you did a post on this. It was great to see the pictures. What a blessing she is!

Susan said...

How wonderful and a wonderful tribute to her!

L. E. Neighbour said...

aww that's sweet! I just love old people! I miss my grandma's stories :)

Glenda said...

What a beautiful lady . . . every family needs an aunt like her! She reminds me of my Aunt Minnie, who is the last living sibling in my mama's family.

Cheri said...

There is something so cute about the picture of the 2 of them talking!

Connie said...

How precious! What a blessing that her mind is sharp yet at her age. I am spending time with a 93 yr. old Aunt who does not know us anymore. I expect her to go to her heavenly home any day now. Enjoy your time with your Aunt.

Rick said...

Thank you Nancy for making the kind comment on my blog. I am so glad that the Lord (angel) had His hand on you. I would be happy to create an illustration for you. Yes, I do charge, but I think that most people are pleased with my pricing. Please contact me at my e-mail address for details.


Cherdecor said...

What a blessing and a wonderful day to spend with your Aunt.