Thursday, April 1, 2010


With Easter Sunday just around the corner, some people look at this event as a tragedy which it was but, it was also a plan for our redemption and salvation. Can you imagine the agony and torment our beloved Jesus went through just for us?? We have no idea how he really felt but try putting yourself in His place. How would you have acted??? with silence as he did, or with large protests claiming your innocence, kicking and screaming for them to just listen.

I'm glad Jesus was chosen by God to be the propitiation for me, I'm glad he suffered so that I wouldn't have to, I'm glad he was thinking of me while hanging on that cross, trying to hold up a beaten and broken body and trying to breathe just enough to say the final words. "It is finished"!!! Not meaning I'm finished, I'm going to die, but "It is finished" I have completed my Fathers work so that the people I love can join me in heaven someday and so that they don't have to suffer in a pit of fire for eternity.

No, we have a beautiful home in heaven right next to our loving savior Jesus, because he is risen from the dead and this Sunday is the day to especially thank God for sending His son to pay the penalty that we owed. Everyday is the day to thank Him but the whole world knows about Easter in some way so let us as His chosen ones redeemed from Hell stand up and make sure we celebrate this Holy day with Gratitude, Thanksgiving, and yes Joy, because that is why Jesus came in the first place for us. He wants us to be Blessed. Like the verse below all things including the beating, the nails pounded into the hands and feet of our savior, and the death,and the resurrection of Jesus work for good.. for my good and His Glory~~~~~All things including the cross~~~~ Its a Gift!!!

All things! All things! ALL THINGS! No one, no circumstance, nothing can thwart God in his sovereign will! All thing work together for good.....(keep reading the next verse)....for my good, and His Glory!! Both at the same time. Never apart. ALL THINGS! Doesn't leave much out, does it? Rom 8:28-29"


Mari said...

Nancy - this is a wonderful post, reminding us of ALL that Easter means!

Oh Sew Good said...

Happy Easter! He did all that He did willingly. Selah! :)

Susan said...

Praise God!!!! AND, He's coming again SOON for His own.

Connie said...

Glad you are back.
I too share in the story of redemption and grace.
Have a blessed Easter!

Glenda said...

Thank you for reminding us of the power and hope that Easter makes possible! I need to remember that "All Things" means "ALL THINGS!"

Cherdecor said...

This is a great message! Happy Easter!