Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I got nothin

I haven't got one thing to write about but if you just give me a minute I might be able to think of something. Hummmm

My oldest daughter just emailed me that she took care of three teens in ER after ingesting seeds from a plant, to get high.. How do these kids find this stuff out??? I would never think of seeds from a flower plant.. I know some plants are toxic to animals and even people but why would you want to experiment with something that could harm you for maybe life??? It just is beyond me.. I do know somewhere in the Bible it speaks of how more and more will turn to substance abuse to get through life's challenges, we definitely are seeing that in our culture today. Its everywhere and makes no sense to me. Are we in the end times??? What do you think???

That wasn't so uplifting was it?? but the one good thing is, all three of these kids will make it they just aren't sure of long term effects just yet.
Pray for our young people they will one day be running the country if Jesus tarries.


Mari said...

I can't imagine why kids would do that either. Yes - I think we are in the end times.

Cathy said...

That is terrible, Nancy. I shudder to think of what our kids will be like if they are indoctrinated in our schools. There is so much stuff they are being taught. I believe He could come anytime.

Susan said...

The Perry Stone message we heard at the recent revival we attended was about this very thing!!! Pharmacia (from the bible) and how America's sin is drugs & alcohol and dates clear back to giving the Native Americans liquor when we first came to this country!! If you get a chance to hear him on this I would highly recommend it.
Have a blessed day.

Connie said...

Raising kids in this culture is very frightening. We must remember there are alot of good kids out there too. Parents/Grandparents must be diligent in watching what is going on around our kids. I don't know what makes one kid try anything and another kid, in the same family, be more careful as to what he/she deals with. Much prayer is needed, that is for sure.
And no matter what, we love them!