Saturday, July 18, 2009

What does tattoos, leather and bikes have to do with anything???

Muskegon Thunder, that's where we were this evening.

This is the third annual bike week-end in Muskegon so we went to have a look see. There were so many bikes that it was hard to maneuver through the streets. Main street was blocked off so nothing but bikes were allowed, bikes as in Harley's, Honda's, Kawasaki's Yamaha's, you know that kind with the noisy like thunder mufflers. I'm sure my hearing was affected, and most of these people will need hearing aides when they get older, if not already!!!
It was an interesting bunch of people with so many bikes to look at and all kinds of paint jobs some pretty gaudy others very nicely done. Everyone was very polite, careful, and good moods all around. Of course the bars were filled but for the most part no extreme rowdiness at least while we were there. We even ran into some of our biking friends, and it pleased my heart to see several christian bikers there handing out tracks and attempting to plant the seeds of Joy about Jesus.


Mari said...

I bet Ray had a great time checking out all those bikes! Did it give him more Harley fever?

Connie said...

I'm wondering, did you take your bike? That would be exciting, being right in the midst of all the others. For me it would be scary - I don't trust riding a bike.

Anonymous said...

We were there Sunday for the church service outside, our Redemption Riders Chapter President closed it with the Blessing:) We were on Fox tv news too, spreading the love of Christ!! It was GREAT!! Glad you went:)

Oh Sew Good said...

Oh no! You were on the news. I wish I would have known. I think of you a lot when I get around my friend. She loves her bike. I've had a chance to meet some of her biking friends and they're a nice bunch of down-to-earth folk. My kinda people. Hmm? Maybe that's why I think of you as my "friend".