Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence day fun in my town

I haven't posted much lately but just had to show you the fun time on the Fourth in my town. First of all you can see we are well protected and our hard earned tax dollars were put to work for this function. The police were very visible and all over the place to provide assurance of no out of hand rowdiness.

The location for setting off the fireworks is perfect. Up on this hill and across the river from the crowds. Here our firefighters are hosing down the grass to prevent any fires. This is a lesson learned after a huge fire broke out one year from the ashes falling on dry grass causing a fire that took over the hill.

Face book has nothing on this wall to wall mass of humanity. Many spent the day with coolers filled with snacks, games and any means you can think of to entertain rambunctious kids. Of course the beach is not far and walking the boardwalk to the light house is always a must when here.

We had a super good viewing spot just to the left of the tree and just beyond that you can see all the boats rafted off out in the channel. The Coast Guard did a great job of controlling the water ways.

Many of the boat owners decorated their boats with flags, and streamers.
We have what is known as the Musical Fountain that shoots up beautiful colors of water in different shapes and forms to music. Of course the selection of music was patriotic and played as the fireworks were going off. You couldn't help but think of all those gone before us and the price that they have paid to keep this nation free.
Hope all of you had a fun safe fourth and said a prayer of thanks to the Father for allowing us to live in the freedom we do.


Mari said...

Looks like a good Fourth for you. I'm glad you have lots of police watching out - I know you are a rowdy bunch!
I like the idea of patriotic music playing during the fireworks. That's a nice addition.

Susan said...

What a wonderful, fun packed day.

Connie said...

4th of July is a great day to spend with family and friends and the fireworks is a nice way to end the day. We enjoyed them in our area too.

Cathy said...

Glad you enjoyed the 4th, Nancy ~ I stayed in out of the heat. I did enjoy all the music posts about freedom on Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

Sandra said...

Looks like so much fun Nancy, I enjoyed the photos :)