Monday, May 4, 2009

Purses by Penny

All of you ladies who are crafty and can sew you will be interested in these absolutely darling purses.
One of the nurses I work with is a whiz bang with the sewing machine and can make just about anything, sometimes without patterns.

Me on the other hand can hardly get a button on without causing extreme pain to one of my digits with that thing called a needle. So you can imagine how pleased I was with what she did for me with six yards of material and something called fusion padding.
I think I spent 2-3 hours in the fabric store trying to find material that would look half way decent and springy. Each purse has several little pockets to store varies items and one that a cell phone fits in just perfectly.

She made one for each of my girls and one for me, I choose the one with the yellow dots., because yellow is my favorite color.
My oldest daughter hasn't received hers yet so I hope she wouldn't see this blog for a few days. I want to give it to her for Mother's day.
I did add just a bit of nostalgia to each one by using a button that came from a collection that my grandma and then my mother had in a button box I inherited. They would keep any and all extra buttons they acquired over the years in this round button tin and if they needed one for something most likely you could find one in the button box. I remember that the buttons often served two purposes by entertaining young girls and sometimes boys when visiting grandma's house. We would dump them on the floor and see how many we could match up or pick out colors and sizes, it was great fun.


Mari said...

She did such a great job - your girls will love them!
We had a button jar too - I loved to play with them!

Susan said...

Cute purses!!! I have a button jar, too.

Anonymous said...

Tell Penny she still has it!! Very Cute, what a nice touch to have the old buttons on there, great memories.
Have a great week:)

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm new to sewing and am not familiar with fusing backing. I'll ask my dd's sewing teacher about it today. Happy early Mother's Day!

All My Blessings said...

Penny is so talented in sewing. I've seen some of her work and I'm sew jealous. (Get it?) I have a button box too! Ain't that cool :)

marina said...

what pretty purses !! love them ")