Monday, April 13, 2009

They are coming back, you know!!!

Can us see what this is???
One of the ladies who is from our bunch of six couples that often have get togethers brought this cute little hummingbirds nest to show to the rest of us at our last gathering. I had never seen one of the little hummers homes before so this was a treat for me. She found this one on the ground in Arizona. It was very delicate but strongly woven so tightly with many many different threads, feathers, small chips of what looked like shiny pieces of paint, tiny sticks and other stuff we couldn't figure out, the center was as soft as down for the eggs to rest in. Just amazing!!! How those little birds can make something so small to house their young safely in can only be explained as a wonder of God. He has arranged for such intricate details for so small a creature, how can we ever doubt His care over us???
I just read in the paper that the orioles and hummers are returning sooner this year. Not sure why but a couple of days ago I put out an Oriole feeder just in case. So far I haven't seen any signs of either, but we have had really cold winds and not so spring like weather the paper just may be wrong. My past experience has been that they return almost each year in the first week of May, so we will see..


Cheri said...

That is really neat- I've never seen one before. They are so so tiny!
Hope you see the birds real soon.

Oh Sew Good said...

How cool! I've not seen a hummer nest before. I did see some baby robins in a nest today though. Thanks for the picture.

Mari said...

What an amazing little nest! I've never seen one before but it sure does bring to mind the verse about God watching over the sparrow. You are right - He's watching over us too!

Anonymous said...

That is a miracle, think how that tiny bird can make that tiny nest, but it's just right for her babies and her. Wow I did not know they had Oriole feeders, I have my orange out waiting for them, and something has been at it, but I don't think its an Oriole yet. Thanks for the info:)

Lisa said...

Oh how precious! I love humming birds, well all birds. Blue birds are nesting here now. I love to here them singing in the am.I hope your doing great and thawing out to a lovely Spring.
Blessings. Lisa

Shelly said...

I have never seen one either. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing how God makes everything. Down to the finest detail.
A home for everyone!