Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby's last day out.

These are just random shots that we took today. That one of us is a self picture, you know when you set the camera to go off and take the picture by itself. We were both trying to figure out if it had worked or not so, its a pretty funny picture.
I had the day off so we took the baby car out one last time before putting her in storage. We drove along the coast line and found another cute little park with a board walk that led us up and over some of the dunes.

The view from the highest point allowed us to see the next channel and lighthouses. The water was so blue and peaceful looking. It was pretty windy but warm for this time of year more like early spring than fall.

This is baby parked and waiting for us to get back from our walk. It was a good day for a walk to think and contemplate the out come of the election. Neither one of us were very talkative today and we spent the day listening to the talk radio stations with all the comments, giving us even more reasons to be concerned with the next four years.
I'm not opposed to a black President, just to some of his beliefs and the things he has said he will implement as soon as he is in the White house.
That's all I'm going to say about anything political today because my feelings are to raw and frankly I'm sick of politics.

We had a fun day stopping for lunch at a really nice restaurant for taco soup and salad. It was really good and hit the spot. Then we headed home and brought the baby car home and put her in storage. She isn't allowed out in inclement weather so she is nice and snug under her cover tucked away in the back of the poll barn until next spring. sigh...


Mari said...

You had a beautiful day to be out enjoying each other, baby and God's creation. You'll have to tell me where that board walk is. I don't think I've been there. See you tomorrow!

Cherdecor said...

TACO SOUP! Where have I heard of that before? Oh yeah, over at Cheri's. Taco Soup is becoming a fad!

I am glad that you had one last ride in Baby. November must be the month to put things under the covers in Michigan. I remember in November of 1999, I was still mowing the lawn.
That hasn't happened for a while.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was behind Ray early this morning on my way to work. . .Some guy in a little sporty convertible, brrrr. . .Don't think it was him. Sounds like a great day off. The election, God is still in control:) He loves us!! We are His kids!!! We will be ok:) I felt the same way when we rode the motorcycle for the last time of the year.. .how sad:(

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you had a nice day.

Terri said...

Have to enjoy these last few days of gorgeous weather. I think it's going to change come tomorrow!

Cheri said...

You sure did have the perfect day for your outing!
Glad you got to enjoy your cute little car one last time!

Anonymous said...

As long as the Lord walks with us, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. :)

Lisa said...

So glad you had a lovely day for a ride in baby. Have a great weekend. It's been like spring here. said...

MY children have you not heard of FLORIDA ?
Religion Politics Weather
What Next ?
The Internet Election In your neck of the woods

Shelly said...

Looks like you two lovebirds had a wonderful day. Never ever have I heard of taco soup!

You might have to visit the little sporty car in the barn as it might get lonely or feel neglected. LOL