Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Most of you know we (at work) have been under this HUGE cloud of oppression since July when we had State inspections and failed with many citations against us. I won't go into all the details but if you are interested you can go here to see just a little of what we have been accused of.

We have been tweaking & changing forms, policies, procedures & updating. All of which have been super stressful, with extra personal constantly watching & hovering over us all. Watching to make sure we don't do anything that is not company policy or out of the guide lines of State or Federal rules & regulations.

All this to say, that we were once again visited by a lovely State Inspector, singular, not two but only one lovely lady who was very pleasant & gracious to us today. She walked in mid-morning saying she was going to spend the day, not two, not three or the usual four days. Just one, & that she intended to clear us of all our citations!!!! She actually said this before she even looked around or watched any of us do anything. She was efficient, precise & clear with what she wanted. She asked for certain information in a calm casual way & did her checking without expecting us to stop everything we were doing to accommodate her. She watched, she read, she talked with us & the residents with equal interest. She was thorough, but non invasive, she understood the elderly & the challenges that go along with caring for them.

I liked her, & did not feel threatened by her, she had the ability to make you feel at ease.

I felt the hand of Jesus resting on my shoulder the whole time she was watching me pass meds, & just knew He was walking with me as I interacted with our little people.

Someone must have been praying because after she was satisfied with the paper work & her observations she announced we were FINALLY CLEARED OF ALL OUR CITATIONS!!! I tell you one big cheer when up with laughing & clapping right in front of her & I got the feeling she was just as happy as we were. I wanted to cry because the huge cloud of oppression seemed to be lifted. We have all learned from this in many different ways & we have all been tried, pulled & stretched, we even lost some very special people during this time either because they couldn't hang in there or were let go. We are no longer under the black cloud of darkness & will now start the healing process & become once again the excellent long term care facility that we truly have been all along.


Cherdecor said...

HALLELUJAH, Nancy! What a victory!
I am so glad that you all can get back to work now and enjoy serving the elderly!

Andrew Bruins said...

Well, congratulations to you. I am so happy to hear that. I am sure everyone that works there is just as happ.

Mari said...

Bob thought I was crazy when he came home and was attacked by me telling him how happy I was! I was praying for you when I knew you were doing med pass this afternoon!

Penless Thoughts said...

How wonderful Nancy!!! We all go through various testings of different sorts on all levels. It is always good when we pass the test.

Chelle' said...

So glad you are free from State Supervision... as nice as she was, no one needs to feel like they are being watched over all the time. (Though I realize the value of the yearly checks for the sake of the inhabitants.)

You and Mari are flying high these days. So gald all went well.

I also wanted to stop by to thank you for all your sweet comments on the Love Dare posts. I'm so glad you are participating with us. You represent a marriage we are working toward attaining and your particpation reaffirms that the process of continual investment into marriage is what sustains it. Thanks so much Nancy.

Have a blessed day today. I'll stop back again soon. (And congratulations on your new precious addition... he is a handome little guy.)

Cheri said...

Sending you a huge hug!
So very happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Was she an angel from the LORD or what??? You are the best and do not EVER forget it!! State came down on us too, not sure just what for I do not work in that building but I heard they were HARD!! So happy for you!! YIPPIE!!!

All My Blessings said...

Nancy, I'm jumping for joy and singing the Happy song for you and everyone there. I'm glad you feel released from so much tension at work. You are a good nurse Nancy!! Kae

Cathy said...

I'm happy for you and Mari, Nancy. And Mari said she was praying for you! That is wonderful.

Pat said...

Good job Nancy and Mari. I knew you could do it. Sorry I couldn't be there with you. Pat