Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Lauren!!!

Happy Birthday to my grand daughter.... 18 today, and what a fun day it was. I spent most of the day watching the girls playing in a volley ball tournament. The girls played super and are a scrappy bunch. They play as a team and won most games right up to the end.

Here is the birthday girl with her lovely mom who is one great mom!!! She qualifies as one of those moms who is an executive administrator in the category of organizational skills at running a household of 3 very active children & taking care of the needs of each one, including her very active & involved husband.

I am so proud of this sweet little lady who has blossomed into a very lovely young women. She is spunky, funny, & has respect for others and herself. Her personality & smile will win anyone.


I have to say that each one of these kids are extremely nice all american young ladies. They all played so hard all day today and team work pays off in the end. Congratulations on a job well done todayPosted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

OMG!! How they grow. .She is beautiful just like her grandma:)

Mari said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day with her. She is beautiful and I agree with Deb. She does look like you!
Happy Birthday Lauren!

Saija said...

you guys look great! and no one would realize that you are the grandma!

happy birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

All My Blessings said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter Nancy. I thought it was just me but everyone else agrees that she looks a lot like you. It's great to spend the time with these spunky girls, they put things all in prospective don't they...k

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren!

Nanc----You got your hair cut! It looks awesome. You look beautiful and I see where your daughter and granddaughter her their looks from.

Glad you had a great day and fun visiting and watching.

Also, I have to say. Woohooo Go Cadillac Vikings!!!!

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Nancy your hair looks awesome- I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I've fallen behind in reading some of your blogs. I wanted to touch base with you today and say hello. I do hope you're doing well. Your granddaughter is very beautiful. Just think, you have played a very significant role in how well she has grown up. :) What's the saying? Ya done good!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely granddaughter. You look great!