Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Crooked Road

This is the road I walk down almost daily & I wanted to share with you the beauty I get to see each day as the colors change and fall takes on all its beauty.

The aroma of the forest is just amazing this time of year, a heady odor of damp earth mixed with fresh crisp air & leaves that have fallen to the ground. There is the occasional whiff of smoke from someone burning the leaves that fills the nostrils, & pleases the senses.

I walk past the tail end of a bayou that is near me & I can picture all kinds of animals that visit this very spot for a cool drink.

I love to see a tree that displays raised boughs skyward with a gorgeous mixture of yellows, greens & reds all on the same tree. The leaves are falling so fast that they actually fill the air with gentle sounds floating papers being dropped from heaven.

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Mari said...

You have a beautiful path to walk on!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful simply beautiful!! God is good!

All My Blessings said...

Life is hectic at times and there are times when we think we just can't do it anymore. Then you take a walk and admire God's work. Keep walking....k