Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quality time with glimpes from heaven

Well here we are again on another little week-end getaway, Its been so hectic at work lately that any time away from the hassles of the job are soooo, welcomed. Its been difficult to clear the head of stuff work related and this was the perfect solution.

I had picked up a couple of hibiscus plants for my daughter and needed to get them to her so we took off not knowing for sure where we would end up. She lives north of us so of course we headed that way. Dropped the plants off, had a short visit with the dog and two cats because no one else was home and moved on.

Just the leisure drive was soothing to my soul, and noticing the very slight change in the leaves of the trees was something that really stood out. The signs of fall are showing themselves in colors of reds in the maples and yellow of the aspens.

Weather was a bit brisk with periods of clouds in between spurts of sunshine but when ever Sweetman and I spend some quality time together it really doesn't matter what the weather is doing, we just like being together doing stuff we like to do. Which can be anything.

We ended up at Sleeping Bear dunes as you see in the pictures, and no I didn't go all the way down that sand dune, just a short ways. It's a total of 440 foot drop almost straight down, I'd still be down there if I went all the way down. We met a really nice couple who were driving a miata so struck up a conversation with them, they were kind enough to take our picture.

I gotta tell you about the GPS again, you know how that silly lady talks to you? We punched in Lodging and she directed us to turn at the next street so we did. Only to find it to be a wooded narrow dirt tree lined road, so I said to Sweetman, "you better slow down its that time of evening that the deer come out or bears".... The words barely left my lips when out from the left side of the road, sure as shootin ran a black bear right in front of us crossing the road looking back at us as he ran and stopping just inside the cover of the trees to sit down and watch us!!!! Sweetman says "you mean like that"??? My mouth was hanging open as I was fumbling with the camera but the shadows were to dark to see the little varmint in the lens. We slowed down to watch him and he soon moved on into the woods. We continued to follow the road to a major highway and did find the motel with no further excitement. Oh, how I love it when God reveals nature that way, I'm fascinated with all of Gods creatures and to see them in their natural habitat is the best.
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Cheri said...

That is incredible- that must have been quite the sight!
Beautiful sand dunes!

Sandra said...

Just beautiful :)

Cathy said...

I love the picture of you two. I'm glad you had such a nice getaway.

Mari said...

That's a nice picture of the two of you. It looks so beautiful and I can't believe you saw a bear!

Deb said...

Nancy, that is awesome that you seen a BEAR!!!, I have never seen one yet.
great pictures, glad you had time to relax. .The last time I was there was . . . yeah that long ago:)

Laura said...

Wow! That's amazing! It's so nice that you two can get out and drive around like that - it's a nice way to relax for sure!

Penless Thoughts said...

So wonderful you were able to get this little break.

Edge of Design said...

Talk about up close and personal with nature. What a sight that was to behold and I'm glad you did it within the safety of your vehicle. Can you imagine if you were out walking? IKES!