Sunday, August 17, 2008

More garden

I know these are Rudbeckia for sure sitting so pretty against the Hydrangia bush. I don't have a Malcom like my friend Mari but I do have this little angel that watches over the garden.
No butterflies today but often there will be several on this butterfly bush.

I have an Aunt who always put fresh flower in your room when you stayed with her and so I try to have a small vase of fresh flowers on my table just makes me think of her and makes the table pretty.

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Cheri said...

Love the butterfly bush- how beautiful.
I think you're angel's cute too!

Mari said...

Your flowers are always so pretty! Bob will be jealous of your morning glories. His blue ones are doing poorly this year and it's bumming him out! I like your angel too!

Cathy said...

Pretty pictures and a very pretty flower arrangement, Nancy ~
Fresh flowers always make me want to really clean up the room.

Shelly said...

Love all the flowers and the pot on the table looks great also!

I have the butterfly bushes too. I have these Monarchs and a dark butterfly, almost black with blue on the edging. My bushes are purple and white.

Now I have to go out and take a pic of that huge flower that is growing on a bush I planted that I cannot remember what the name of it is.

Laura said...

What beautiful flowers Nancy - I'd have to say they are my favorite part of summer!