Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've been a slacker

I was just thinking I sure have been a slacker lately, not one post this month so far, what is the deal anyway??
I guess I got no excuse, is that proper English??? I got no?? It seems that when August rolls around a little bit of depression sets in, not bad mind you but just the reality that summer is coming to a close, school will start soon and then along comes the cooler fall weather. I don't mind fall and I'm sure I have alot of followers there but I really hate winter.
The days are already shorter and the evenings have just a touch of coolness that makes one think of sweaters. Have you ever noticed that the smell of the air changes too?? I think each season here in Michigan has its own smell. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose... I have also noticed the birds are starting to flock in big bunches that is another thing that happens when the season starts to cool down. Maybe they are discussing which flight patterns they will take south.
The hummers have been visiting the feeders more frequently too, tanking up with energy for a long flight. I hate to see them leave they are so comical to watch.
I am looking forward to the week-end, we have a family reunion and will be gathering at a not to far away family camp ground. Some will be staying in a huge stone house and others will be camping in their own campers or trailers. We will be catching up, sharing meals, swimming, riding horses, and sitting around the campfire for two nights. Even my 91 year old sweet mother -in-law will be going and she is so excited to be seeing all her family in one place at one time.
I'll be clicking the shutter so should have some pictures for future posts..


Andrew Bruins said...

Hope you have a fun time camping. Are you one staying in a big house or a camper?

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy!!! We do not care for August in our part of the country. It is too hot. Many, many days in the 100's and the grass and flowers burning to a crisp. We look forward to September through December which are nice here. We do not have the harsh, long winters you have. There is no perfect place to live here... now......but someday!!!!

Saija said...

i'm getting to the point where i really like cooler weather ... not the horrible cold we get in jan-mar ... but the sweater weather ... of course, please don't bring up my quote when i start to complain about poor road conditions! :o)

((hugs)) to you, hope you had a great fam gathering!

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about August but I think not only is one of the last summer months,it's so hot and dry here I am in some ways looking forward to cooler weather but the end of summer is a sad thing.

Mari said...

Have a great weekend - It's a beautiful place. See you on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend with the whole family, how nice for Ray's mom to see everyone all at once. God Bless:)

Cathy said...

I think the hot weather gets us a little down and wondering what to blog about. I don't look forward to winter either.
I hop you're having a wonderful time at the reunion.I think you can just leave out the got? :o)

Anonymous said...

Winters are bearable here because we don't have the snow and blizzards or lake-effect snow you get. Nonetheless, summer is my favorite season but I don't mind fall either. The leaves are at their most spectacular and I enjoy looking forward to Christmas.

Shelly said...

Sounds like you will have a great time spending time with family.

Can't wait to see the snaps!