Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am havin me an enjoyable day here mates, scrapein them barnacles off the decks in my kitchen, bath and anywhere else the rest of the crew that lives here leaves their scummy messes. I'm not to up on pirate talk but you get t he drift.
Of course that would only be myself and sweet man since we are the only two around, with narry an visitor in the last few days. Anyway I have spent the better half cleaning this house in preparation of a much needed R & R away. You know how it is with us women we have to have the house ALL clean and sparkly just before we go away so's we don't have to clean when we get home because vacations can sometimes be exhausting.... ahem Yes well with that said I am sure there are other women who do this isn't there?? or am I just a bit OCD??
We will be traveling to some of our favorite places far far away, we have always had some sort of plan in place but we are very spontaneous so leave room for changes. That makes it so much more fun and interesting, some of the neatest places we just happened to stumble on and they left lasting impressions.

One year we traveled old route 66 as much as we could, it got a little rough in some places being reduced to a dirt road in spots, another year we checked out covered bridges and another visited as many ghost towns as we could. There are so many places of beauty God has created for us to enjoy that we could never see them all in a life time.. We do tend to shy away from the typical tourist trap and busy cities.. I am trying to get away from the rat race not into it. We so enjoy just the natural wonders, of meadows, mountains, water falls, throw in some history and people, and no structure of what to do next. That's the best!!!

Next I will have to start thinking of packing, yikes that is the worst, you never know what you might need, if I could take my whole closet of clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc it would be just fine but I do have narrow it down to just the essentials.. oh what to do what to do???? Men have it so easy don't they?? Throw in a few shorts, t-shirts, one or two pair of shoes, a couple of bathroom items and they are good to go. Why is that do you spose???
Anyway preparing for time away from the norm is part of the fun... Hope your Sat. is as satisfying as mine has been


Mari said...

I had a very nice Saturday too - it was a good day at work!
I clean my house before going away too - who wants to come home to a mess?

Cheri said...

Yup- me too. You come home with enough to do...laundry etc.
Hope you have a very restful vacation!

Edge of Design said...

I'm leaving for a holiday and Thursday but not without cleaning my house up either. hahahahah Too funny! Oh and about the packing. Yuppers! I do the same thing. I do hope you enjoy your holiday though. It will be good for you to have some R&R.

Deb said...

Oh yes I always clean before I go. . .It is great to come home to a clean house. . I remember those State inspections. . Do you remember the inspector lady who had just put her cat to sleep?? OH was she a Witch!! I will never forget her, hang in there you are so needed there. You are an AWESOME nurse and angel!!

Cherdecor said...

Have a great time away! We will be waiting for pictures!

Mary said...


The house sure does seem to get messed up even when there are just the two of us here. Cleaning isn't fun, but it must be done. ;-)

Have a great time away. I will be checking back to hear about all the fabulous sights you've seen.

Blessings for a safe and fun trip.