Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh where oh where was the camera???

I really missed the boat today, I didn't have my ever ready camera on hand at work and we had some interesting visitors come to the Nursing Home. Oh yeh, just in case you haven't heard it is nursing home week and we usually have all kinds of activities going on for the residents. Monday we had a limo ride for those who were able. They took a ride into a near by City of Holland to see the tulips and stopped for ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Some have never been in a car like this ever or even seen one.

But back to today we had pet visits, we often have pets come in to visit but its the usual dog or cat, today we had a sweet miniature pony, several goats full grown and babies, bunnies and several dogs who also happen to be pets of different staff members.

It was so cute to see the reactions of many residents when they saw that pony. Her name was Joy and she had been rescued after being abandon and left to die, I didn't catch the whole story because, after all I was supposed to be working and not petting the animals, but some kind someone took her and nursed her back to health. She is now pampered and goes different places making people happy just to be able to touch a horse. I saw her actually put her head on one of the residents laps so she could be petted, so cute!!! anyway I could have kicked my self for not having my camera.
Tomorrow we have a cook out scheduled so hopefully it will be nice enough that some can get outside on the patio. Everyone loves a cook out and they all eat better when we do stuff like this.
We also have a bowling tournament going on, the administrator's children have one of those wii games and they have been coming in all week with it. Many of the residents have actually been competing against each other to win this tournament, its good fun and they don't realize they are exercising and getting some much needed physical range of motion while playing a game and having fun.
It makes for a busy day and alot of planning for all the staff to get everyone gathered together but its worth it to see the smiles and hear the laughter.


Mari said...

I love the new header picture! I didn't have my camera either but I asked Becky to take some for me. She said I could borrow her memory card so I can post some pictures - bet you could too!

Shelly said...

That was really nice with all of the animals there. Good to see you girls again too. It is cute watching the Residents enjoy the animals. The smiles on their faces it is worth it. Enjoy the cookout

Cheri said...

Mari told me about that. I would have loved to have seen Joy- I bet she was so cute. I think that is so great that you do these special things for the residents.

Terri said...

That is such a great thing to do for the residents. I'm betting that little horse was so cute!

Deb said...

Oh yes I remember the days, what fun, but what work. It is so worth it!! Tell Gala great job!!

Felisol said...

Dear Nancy,
thank you for visiting.
I've just had a good cup of coffee and an interesting time in your world.
I sure hope your "elderly" and their families know how to appreciate the work that you've put down for them.
I know a little something about how valuable these breaks in everyday life are and also how much these efforts cost.
Anyway to see your work crowned with happy people inspires to continue the good work.
"What you have done for one of my smallest, you have done for me."
God bless your May days.
From Felisol

Lisa said...

Oh I bet the pony ws so cute and I know the residents enjoyed all the activities. god will Bless all who are kind to our seniors!
Have a great weekend.Lisa