Saturday, April 19, 2008

What an evening

Friday nite was just about as perfect as any evening can get. Sweet man ask me out on a date.!!!!

Of course we went to the exclusive Culver's for dinner. We had coupons and you know these days one has to be frugal in any way one can.. I don't mind either I mean food is food right besides my grand daughter works there and I can usually manage to speak to her for a minute or two.
After dinner we took a walk along the channel, it was like a warm summer evening and people were out in droves, all sitting at the end of the pier to watch the beautiful sunset.
I snapped a few pictures as we walked along.

There was even one man diving off the pier. He was suited up in a wet suit but that water has to be pretty cold yet.

And kids oh yes they were testing the water up to their knees, they must have lost all feeling in their lower legs but the giggling could be heard loud and clear to the end of the pier.
It was very relaxing and refreshing to just walk along side my sweet man and enjoy the clean fresh air with the smells of newness tickling our noses.
After walking off the dinner we ate we ventured back to the restaurant for dessert, I'm not usually a dessert person but you guessed it we had another coupon for buy one get one free, so why not??? Right??? You do agree don't you??? I did feel a bit like a stuffed piggy but that sundae was very good. Sweet man always gets the turtle and I seem stuck on the mint anything with mint. Anyway it was one really nice evening spent mostly eating with a little walking squeezed in for the exercise


Mari said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening and the pictures are beautiful!

Cathy said...

That sounds great, and your pictures are really pretty. Of course coupons for dessert are wonderful. :) I'm glad you two enjoyed your date.

Cheri said...

What a great night. I love Culvers and we love to walk the pier- I can't wait- well that might have to wait a while huh!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, romance is in the air, how sweet:)Great pictures.

Terri said...

Diving off the pier! Crazy. It's too cold yet. The weather is perfect for being outside just not swimming!
And sundaes - yum; you have to take the bargain when you can get it!