Sunday, March 16, 2008

Off wandering around

I have no excuse for not posting for so long. My main reason is busy, busy & just off running around. I've said it before & you all know I like to read other blogs more than I like to write on my own, but I was feeling a little tug of withdrawal so popped on here to jot down a few words.

Recently I have discovered IM on my email & have been having some fun with my daughter and granddaughter chatting back & forth in real time. Its so hard to spend time with family any more and since technology is so convenient its one way to stay connected to those we love.

The word is out the Robins are back in Mich. I haven't actually seen one but I have heard them & my good friend Deb is so excited she is about to burst you should go over & read about her joy in seeing the first robin of the season. The snow is leaving & the sun has been shining & that alone is making me feel joyous. Plus it is the Easter season one of my favorite holidays. Seems to me it just sort of jumped up & suddenly happened this year. Its early I know but we have Palm Sunday, St. Patricks day & Holy week all rolled up at once. What Joy.... This is when we turn our thoughts to thanks to God for His sacrifice of giving His son as a propitiation for us. That's a big word but simply means Jesus took every sin ever committed by us or anyone else upon Himself so that we can be white as snow before God the Father as if we never sinned at all. We have no idea how much He truly suffered for each one of us but can only imagine, & all the time He had our name on His mind. Isaiah 49:16 I will not forget you, I have carved you on the palm of my hand. What a comforting verse.

I hope each & every one of you enjoys this Easter to the fullest & not get to caught up in the commercial aspect that the enemy would love to entice on us with choclolate & bunnies & egg hunts. Its all about HIM ...


Shelly said...

Yes it is nice having the sun shining and the warmer weather and the snow melting. I really enjoy all of that and also have been more joyous. Easter is a time to reflect on what Jesus has done. I will still have my big easter egg hunt for all the kids though. I love watching them run around. :)

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your post! I am so glad I serve a RISEN Saviour!
Blessings. Lisa

Penless Thoughts said...

Great words and reminders Nancy. Our church is having prayer each day at a different time during the week and then a noon Good Friday service. I plan to attend all except Tuesday I'm going with my hubby for a cardiogram at the VA hospital in another city. Just a routine check - we are not concerned in the least. The very next beat of our hearts is in HIS hands and control. Thank goodness that is truth.

I loved your using the word propitiation. Don't hear that word much but it is certainly in THE WORD.

Terri said...

We have The Journey going on at our church this week. There are about 7 different stations set up where you can think about what Jesus did for you. For example, one room has some heavy chains that you can hold and reflect on the weight Jesus carried for you. It really makes you think.

Mari said...

I can't believe Easter is almost here either. I like you message about all that this week means to us.
PS - love the new picture - can't wait to see those flowers for real!

Sandra said...

Great post and good to see you back :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thank you for the words and this post. God bless you. and Happy St Patricks Day!

Cheri said...

I've seen a Robin and I've also saw a pretty blue bird.
Yeah- signs of Spring!

Deb said...

Nancy, thanks, sooo you could tell I was EXCITED about the Robbin huh??
I love it!! Great picture you placed there instead of the SNOW!
We are so blessed to be able to celebrate Easter in this country as freely as we do. I am so thankful!
Have a blessed Holy Week:)Jesus is the reason for the season!!