Friday, March 21, 2008

IN Like a Lamb out Like a LION!!!!!

I know,I know,everyone is sick of the snow, but just one last mention of it here. These pictures were taken at 3:30 in the afternoon today on my way home from work the first picture is of a major road that is normally, I say normally at this time of day very busy, but today it is practically deserted... see no cars, I must be the only crazy person our here.
We people in Mich. have just about had it up to our eye brows with snow and winter weather. !!!

The second picture is also a familiar sight to some of you it is a picture of my road which is a dirt not to often plowed in the winter road, but what I want you to notice is that it really doesn't look to different than the major thoroughfare.

In case you haven't guess yet we are in the mist of yet another winter storm, maybe I need to refraze that, we are in the mist of a spring storm, after all it is the day after spring officially began.

I was so hoping to go to my church this evening for a Good Friday service but they are telling people to stay off the roads & have even closed down some of the main highways because of accidents. So I think we will most likely stay home warm & safe, who knows several churches may cancel services before to long anyway.

Lets hope this is one of winters last hoorays and we will be done with this kind of weather soon.


Anonymous said...

UGH!! Out like a lion and it can stay out RIGHT??!! Stay warm, stay in, be safe. Have a Blessed Easter
love ya.

Mari said...

It was not a pretty drive home! I was glad to get here and we are also missing our Good Friday service. When the police tell people to stay off the road, I guess it's better to stay home.

Cheri said...

Yup, I'm staying home tonight too.
Please, please let this be the end of the snow!

Cherdecor said...

Look at it this way. . . . it will be fun hiding the Easter Eggs in the snow drifts and think how pretty they will be in the snow!!!!Now we want to see some pictures of them and a picture of your new Easter bonnet with flowers and snowdrops! Think of it, this is a memorable experience! Just think, next year you will have all kinds of stories to tell.

Seriously, I know that all of you are sick of all this cold and snow. I would be also. I hope that you all stay safe and stay off the roads till they are clear. Maybe by Sunday they will be clear and you will be able to go to church. Happy Easter to you and your family and church family!

By the way, the pictures of the two roads are beautiful. Glad you got home safely!

Shelly said...

Yep, we sure did get a bunch. It will be over soon. The roads were nasty last night. But, the VanAndel Arena was packed! Liked your comparison on the roads while you were in REX!

Cathy said...

Bless your heart, dear. That is awful, especially that you have to go out in it to work!
I think it was almost 72 degrees here this afternoon. The children hid Easter eggs outside. But it is supposed to get very cold tonight and be like 38 at the Sunrise Service. It will feel colder than that- always does near downtown in Old Salem. Don't think I will be going to that.

Terri said...

Our Good Friday service was cancelled too. This is unreal!

Monkey Giggles said...

This is what our Easter looked like as well! UGH