Saturday, December 8, 2007

Festival of Lights

Last night we saw our first Christmas program of the season & I tell you it was marvelous, stupendous, excellent all of these & more

Very moving with the Christmas story cleverly weaved into a setting of everyday life in today's world, with the message of God's love & salvation offered to us so freely. Its a story that will never get old & touches hearts over & over.

The lights here were just a few of what decorated the entire sanctuary, I think it was mentioned there were over 100,000 lights over all. And the music was fantastic, with a full orchestra & a huge choir, I counted 31 men but lost count of the women. There were solos, duets, speaking parts, all done with convincing emotion & drama. The scene when all the wise men came to worship the Christ Child was deeply moving for me but that was just one of many.

Some of the songs were, We are not Afraid, Silent Night, Light of the Stable, Agnus Dei, Shine on Us, Ellen's Song, I believe, all done in perfection & without a hitch. I don't think any of the actors/singers were professional but just ordinary people from this church, which is very large & known for their programs done at Christmas & Easter. God's message was clearly spoken through the talent of these people.

I glanced at the conductor several times just to watch his passion as he conducted the choir & orchestra, he was standing on a platform & I was just hoping he didn't get to excited & fall off.
My heart was filled with overwhelming love for the Savior & how each year God is able to reach out in so many different ways to touch our lives. It was a great way to start off the Season & helped to keep the real reason in perspective. Jesus is the Real Reason for Christmas & we need to hold on to that for fear of getting absorbed in the tinsel town of the world's view.


Mari said...

The lights are beautiful and it saounds like a wonderful, inspiring program. Glad you enjoyed it.

Karen said...

Wow, beautiful winter wonderland. I so miss the Northern Hemisphere Christmas you know! Oh yes, prophetic singing. It is much like a prophetic word that is spoken over someone, only it comes out in the form of a song, with a fresh melody as led. I hope that helps :-) Thanks for popping by!

Laura said...

Wow - it sounds like you had a great time and also got to worship and hear the story again in a fresh and exciting way!

Terri said...

The lights look beautiful. Was this a program a family member was in or something else? Sounds great.

Rick said...

One daughter comes home in four days! Another in 10 days - Yeah for Christmas!!!

Nancy said...

No family members in the program, just went with friends.

Myra said...

I am a music teacher in a public school. Tomorrow, my chorus is performing 4 concerts. This year, Christmastime seems to be racing by, but I hope that I will take the time to consider what all of this is really about. I am trying new things. I have never had a blog until around Thanksgiving. That's when I started "Picture My Thoughts" on A couple of days ago, I began a Blogger page. All new stuff for me!
Take care!