Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

Since my last post asking anyone who would to pray for Stephanie Tovey, she has received a mini miracle, not a total healing like I would love to tell you but she is able to go home. At least for now, her blood counts are such that it is semi safe to allow this. I'm so happy for her!!!! And it just proves that we have a awesome God who hears prayers... Thank you so much to anyone praying for this young lady.... Keep Looking up!!!!
I had another one of those great days, puttering around the house & yard. If you have read any of my other posts you know this is something I love to do on my days off from work. No rush here & there to get things done in a much to short of a day, but choosing what I want to do when... I think I mentioned that a very good friend gave me 5# of blueberries last Monday (they own a blueberry farm)because I wanted to make a pie. Well 5# is way more than I needed so I have been making anything I can think of with blueberries all week. I concocted a poppy seed cake with blueberries mid week & it is almost gone, it was yummy!!! We have been eating them in cereal, cut up in with other fruit at dinner time, just popping a few in our mouths from time to time. I do think we are starting to take on this blue hue to our skin. I know you can freeze these lovely jewels but there is nothing like fresh fruit so I wanted to take advantage of eating them now. I finally used almost last of them this morning to make bran muffins. I gave the last cup to my sweet mother in law tonight.
Speaking of in-laws, I have one of the sweetest mom-in-laws, tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of loosing my father-in-law, he was 96 years old, & we knew she needed a bit of loving & some attention. She is a healthy 90 years old & they had been married 71 years!!!! Can you imagine being married to the same person for 71 years??? What a life change for her to now live alone after all those years, what an example this is to our family & anyone who knew them. We visited the cemetery & took some flowers to place at the grave site. Then we took her out for dinner, she is always so appreciative of any thing that we do & it is fun to spend some time with her. Her life has changed in the last year but she is one strong lady & knows the Lord is caring for her & that her beloved husband is now singing in Gods choir. It was a good day a very good day......


Mari said...

It sounds like a good day. It doesn't seem like a year since Rays Dad passed away. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with his Mom. I know you are a blessing to her, as she is to you!

Renee said...

Hi Sweet Nancy~

I just wanted to let you know that. I put one days worth of coffee grounds on my hydrangea plant - and you won't believe it- THERE IS A BUD on that plant tonight! I think I about gave my beloved a heart attack - as I raced to tell him the news! Sooo --- you better believe that I came right back inside and grabbed this mornings coffee grounds and dumped away!!!!!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the suggestion!


Laura said...

Nancy - would we still be able to send a card out to Stephanie? I was planning on sending one, but I wasn't able to send it this weekend.

You better not eat too many more blueberries or you'll look like a Smurf! :)

Renee said...

I figured there was aconnection to Mari - but I wasn't sure what it was! We will keep praying for Staphanie!